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6. How to manage banners in osCommerce

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6. How to manage banners in osCommerce

This tutorial assumes you’ve already logged in to osCommerce

Now let’s learn how to manage banners

1) Click Banners

This is the Banner Manager, and it is from here that you can add or remove banners to your store, or edit existing banners

2) Let’s edit an existing banner… click Edit here

3) You can change the title of the banner by entering a new Banner Title here

4) You can also edit the Banner URL, Banner Group, or upload a new image for the banner

5) When finished making changes, click Update

That’s it!  The banner has been edited. Now let’s add a new banner

6) Click New Banner

7) Enter the Banner Title here

8) Enter the filename of the image for the banner here

9) Then click Insert

That’s it!  We’ve successfully changed a products color option. You can add as many product attributes, and associated attribute values, as necessary to describe the products in your store

This is the end of the tutorial.  You now know how to add product attributes in osCommerce